Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who Let the Cairn Terriers Out??? (Music Video)

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Who Let the Cairn Terriers Out???

Cairn Terriers Rule! Joking aside, please consider adopting a rescue dog. There are so many that need homes and love. We just happen to be partial to terriers but have rescued and/or adopted a variety of breeds over the years. Ultimately the breed makes no difference and we love them all.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fruit Vegetable Knives (36 in Sealed Box) - $19 Shipped per Box **Great product for flea markets, trade shows!**

Fruit Vegetable Knives (36 in Sealed Box) - $19 Shipped per Box

*** Great additional product to sell single knives at flea markets and/or outdoor, home, garden, auto, boat, trade shows
*** $19 shipped per box of 36 Fruit/Vegetable Knives - will sell 1 or more or all boxes
*** Have 13 sealed boxes of Fruit/Vegetable Knives with 36 in each box
*** Knives are 8.75 inches long, blade is 4.75 inches long, handle is 4.00 inches long
*** Photos show 1 knife opened and 1 knife in packaging sheath on top of sealed box of 36 knives
*** Knives are packaged 12 to a box with 3 smaller boxes in each larger sealed box for sale
*** ALSO have Paring Knives (72 in Sealed Box) for $38; have 6 boxes

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